And finally!!! some pics of our lovely litter in their new homes:)) Thanks to all of you! 

This lovely girl is "Chili" (purple spots) now with Mireyo in Italy is a water girl, and even has her own life jacket!

And her brother Fatu (blue boy) with Mirjam in Germany...has squeezed himself into a wheelbarrow..I think he has vivi's sense of humour!!

Lovely Fibi (green girl), with Michael and Susanne,  is still a whirlwind:)) I think she loves posing for the camera

Xion, (yellow boy) in Holland with Pascale, is a lovely friendly boy who loves the water too...and his family!

(you can also see some great pics of Xion, Lulu, and Fungai at www.mangulu.com )


We are happy that all our puppies joined their new families. They all
deserve their attention and care.

Thank you Vivi and Sion for this great litter... and to all who shared this
experience with us...    ;-)

Pics of puppies in their new families (girls then boys)... Thank you all for sharing with us :-)

Gold Girl...

Green Girl...

Green with Spots Girl ....

Pink Girl...

Purple Hearts Girl...

Purple Spots Girl...

Turquoise Girl...

Blue Boy...

Orange Boy...


Yellow Boy...


Hiding behind mama Vivi...

A last siesta together...

Some discipline recommendations from mama Vivi...

Another run through the tunnel...

And good bye from a regular visitor...


A few more pics of the last days...



On May 28th, 10 puppies went to their new families, some drove a long way, some flew, 
even over the Atlantic ocean... In the coming few days, the remaining 4 will do the same
and this will be the beginning  a a new life for all.

Even if the weather is very nice and hot (nearly 30 degrees C...), puppies find 
the energy to play... some of them seem to have understood the principle of 
American Football... and of course some eating is always involved...


Some new pictures... Quiet puppies...



And a bit of discipline from mama Vivi from time to time when puppies need it :-)


Laying, sleeping, eating... and again in a different order... what a life :-)))


Some more playing on a sunny day... 

First digging lessons from mama Vivi, very effective since they can now dig their own holes... 
in a group or alone ;-) 




A bit of jungle exploration...

Playing in the sun makes puppies very tired...



And so the days are flying by...puppies are getting big and strong...and having fun being young! Today we started out playing....


But...what is happening??? It's a Road Trip!!!!

and..so we all piled into the Defender...well actually only seven of us..and down the road we headed!!! Tante Jantine was responsible for our well being...but...Where will we end up??

When we stopped, we got out in a big field...it was pretty exciting stuff..but we loved it. and Tante Jantine took us running through the field! We had so much fun...but...then...we were soooo..tired..

Then...back home..for some delicious puppy food and raw meat..yum yum

And...back to sleep! dreaming of the wide, wide world...


Today, Peter Obschernicat, RR specialist vet, and author of several outstanding RR books, came to check out our litter....for RR specific faults. We are very happy to report that our litter got a very clean report:)) No DS, or other faults, other than our ridgeless pups, to mention! So of course we are very happy!! After that, a round of playing in the sun...and then a good long nap were in order...too soon will come the time when we have to part with our darlings..


The sun is back, we spend a lot of time playing...


And also being quiet and sleeping...



Waiting for something to happen... or watching something happening...

Today was the first car ride for all puppies... some have a worried look at the beginning but we are proud to say that they all, without exception, enjoyed the short ride and no one got seasick ;-)

One of the puppies felt so good that he decided to chew on the rug in the car...


Some sleeping pictures...


Just a few more days...


Lunch @Imkahena Litter 2010...


There is now a new "special" place to sleep... in the sheet basket :-)


Surprise for the puppies, our territory was expanded so that we can run and discover new things, very fun when it does not rain...  We are starting to learn all about the Provence herbs...






Today was the day we had to pose for "head" pictures... some of us were still tired but we managed to do it before going back to sleep... Sorry if we do not look at our best all the time but photo shootings can be tiring for puppies...

Females first...

Female - Green Ribbon


Female - Pink Ribbon


Female - Gold Ribbon


Female - Purple Hearts Ribbon


Female - Silver Ribbon


Female - Turquoise Ribbon


Female - Green with white spots Ribbon


Female - Purple Ribbon


And now the males...

Male - Bordeaux Ribbon


Male - Yellow Ribbon


Male - Red Ribbon


Male - Orange Ribbon


Male - Blue Ribbon


Male - Black Ribbon



A few more pictures of the last days, many visitors are around and the puppies are growing.

Tante Jantine with her favorite puppy... 




Another day playing in the grass and dirt... then we are all very tired, so tired we can not keep 
our eyes open for the picture....

Here I am on April 30th with my yellow ribbon...

Remember me ? Here I am nearly 4 weeks ago (with my yellow ribbon...). I weight 6 times more now...



Today, we are playing outside a lot, in the sun, and going on the grass! Such a lot to discover...
but..then we are sooo..tired...and just have to have a nap ! Many new pictures... unfiltered...




Sunny days have arrived here in the Provence...and the babies are eating and playing outside. Almost everyone weighs over 3 kg now:) This morning Tante Jantine brought them some very nice toys...so there was a lot to do..wild playing..then a big lunch....and a siesta! Some pictures of them as sleeping angels:)) 


Some pics from Sunday April 25th... Most of us are between  2,7 and 2,9Kg, meaning we multiplied our birth weight by about 5 times in 26 days...


Some pics of the boys... 





Today, on Saturday April 24th, we had a last meal in our whelping box... 

From now on, we have the whole kitchen for ourselves and there is a lot more room to move around (Aynaway, most of us were already walking around so this is no big deal :-) and Mama Vivi has a lot more room to lay down when we need milk...

Some of us got new puppy collars (some colors were not available anymore for ribbons) and the other puppies will get their collars as we run out of ribbons... ((don't think about other reason, this is the only one))



We spent again some time outside...



We had our first few minutes outside the house, great weather, over 26 degrees Celsius... We are not used to the sun so we stay in the shade most of the time.

It all started with being moved in a bed set for us by the house..


Then some of us started looking out... Many of us were screaming loud in this new environment but all lin all we had fun together.



We were served a great meal...



Then went back to our bed and enjoyed a little nap


Another hard day being a puppy:)) They are working hard on growing up...gaining weight, playing and of course sleeping!


Lots of activity going on in that puppy box now!! Puppies are now crying and screaming for their dinners:)) and really enjoying the menus! They are barking, and fighting..and Blue boy, Green girl, Red boy and Black boy are now storming the gates...going out for a stroll when it is down..curious they are! the first ones:))




It has been a busy week...thanks to Tante Jantine, pups are dining on pureed chicken breasts, with Mama's milk for dessert:)) I must say, a pretty messy affair!!! But we have had some good weight gains, so we are happy to do it. Pups are growing and acting like real RR now, playing with each other and barking! We promise to get some pictures this weekend..but for now, a few taken while they were being "angels" and sleeping...












Our litter is now becoming very active..their eyes are all open, and they are beginning to look like little Ridgebacks...but they still sleep lots...and eating and drinking are the main goals..Vivi has done an incredible job, as she was very ill. What a very strong girl she is, and a caring mama. She has now fully recovered, and is taking really good care of her brood!







Every one needs a good "fairy godmother"...to help out when times are hard. We are very lucky..to have had two!! Tante Emilie, without her things would have had a very different outcome...and Tante Jantine...so a big round of thanks to both of them from all the Imkahenas! You are two great ladies!


Pictures of Saturday April 10th...

Now I can see you... (many puppies opened their eyes today...)






Some pictures taken on April 5th. Vivi and the puppies are doing very well.



As promised, some pictures taken on April 4th... Not all puppies are there, we mixed up our list... this is what happens when people are tired... You will see some white spots on some of the puppies, this comes from a bandage on Vivi's belly put after an emergency operation following a long and hard labor. All puppies were born per natural way and her digestive system was slow to recover so we needed to make sure there was no major issue. No worries, everything checked out to be OK and she is recovering fast and giving all her puppies the milk they need to grow. All puppies are healthy and we are happy that everything is now back to normal.





Some pics from April 3rd... more to come later today...

Already climbing over mama's leg...






Here are a couple of pictures from April 2nd... Vivi is slowly recovering from her long labor (all 14 puppies are on the picture... simply count the puppy feet and divide by four ) and puppies are very hungry  :-)




14 --- this is the number of puppies Vivi gave to the RR world on March 30th. There are 8 females and 6 males. Here are the first pictures (sorry if the quality is not too good, the photographer is also tired)... Vivi is exhausted after working more than 30 hours to bring this nice litter to us. We are also very tired from assisting her and taking care of the rest of the pack... more pictures will be published in the coming days. Thank you Vivi and Sion.


Friday March 19: Vivi tries her whelping box... It now occupies our main kitchen and will remain there until all puppies leave... She recognised it and was very happy to lay down in it for a short nap... She likes the new floor (linoleum on waterproof pressed wood 5cm over the tile floor so it does not get cold and is easy to clean, same as last time with all new material)  :-) She carries some extra weight, eats and sleeps a lot :-)



For our 2010 litter with Int Ch Ye Japha Imakana Kianga, we have decided to use our very own stud dog, MultiCh Amini Sion Mawasili. Sion has been a real star in the show ring, from the very first moment his paw touched the ring, and has the character and conformation that you dream about. Since Sion is also descended from the legendary Glenaholm Jolly Jinx, as is Vivi, we expect a litter with those typically beautiful heads, great type, as well as lots of substance and bone. Imakana Kianga was bred out of the great Makaranga Hurricane and Glenaholm Jolly Jinx, and is one of her last daughters, but she also carries Mushana blood in the forefront of her pedigree, as Mushana Sabhuku was her grandsire. Sion's pedigree also goes back to the unforgettable Vumba, through Vizara Shemesh and Ye Japha Banjoko. So this is really a special litter !!! For lovers of fine RR only:))) 

We expect the litter around the 3rd of April....




Sion...goes for it!


Sion looking serious...



Sion by the Lavender...


Vivi in the garden, very serious:))


Vivi is truly a bush girl!



Gallery of Relatives

MultiCh Glenaholm Jolly Jinx          MultiCh Makaranga Hurricane



MultiCh Ye Japha Banjoko                      MultCh and WorldCh Vumba



MultiCh Vizara Shemesh of Shabani


Pedigree of the litter...



Amini Sion Mawasili
LOF 2051/314
* 09. Sept 2004
YE JAPHA Banjoko
VDH-01/109 2573
VIZARA Shemesh of Shabani

Kore-Chirembo Beni's Ridges Beit Lucka
ISR-2400, NHSB-1999786

Mizpah Scout
KUSA BM008067
KUSA BL003060
Assysa Viva Christo
CMKU 1391/99/94

HR-10012, CMKU 239/95/94/96

Tambo delle CIME BIANCHE
Sadya Dawn
CMKU 394/96/99

Simba of Bo Kama
NHSB-1867733, CSHPK-105/93/93/94
Bendis Katama
YE JAPHA Imakana-Kianga
LOF 2243/381
* 13. November 2005
VDH89/084 0026
* 14. April 1989
KUSA 650223
DOB unknown
Masimba (1)
KUSA 577453
ZKC 428
VDH83/017 0090
* 19. March 1983
NHSB 1058027
DSaZB 776120
KUSA BQ000203
* 19. April 1998
MIZPAH Scout of Pleasantview
KUSA BM008067
DOB unknown
KUSA CM000883
ISIMANGAMANGA Afryea of Roodedraai
KUSA BD044209
KUSA BL003060
* 25. July 1994
KUSA BE031101
KUSA BH028376



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