All our puppies found great homes in many countries around the world and we are very proud of the results.


Our puppies are now 5 weeks old, growing, learning, playing and just being puppies. We are absolutely delighted with both the character and the quality of this litter. 

On April 21st 2012 were born 9 females and 4 males :-), all show quality with the exception of our "Golden Girl" who has 3 crowns! A wonderful litter!

All puppies and Vivi are healthy and we are very happy.

This litter carries the finest of Glenaholm lines, as well as Pronkberg bloodlines and is highly interesting for show and breeding....We can't wait and will keep you posted! More information will be coming soon about Couga and his ancestors. For more information, you can visit Couga`s website, www.loewenhund.de . A big thanks to Couga`s owner, Caroline, for all of her help.




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