Happy Birthday to our Multich.Ye Japha Flamelily Suikerbos..this elegant RR lady is now three years old. In 2013 we intend to have a very special litter with this amazing girl..using one of our very own Imkahena boys. More details coming soon!




The Nemausus Litter of Vizara Nyambi and our Multich.Imkahena Der Chancellor is growing up..and they are amazing. Strong little Africans, with hearts of gold and courage to match, all eleven pups are perfect! Please contact us if you are interested in one of these little Ridgebacks. A few pictures...along with our only African Princess, "Hestia" . the adorable Mr.Black........and Princess Hestia, the only girl among 10 boys!



A head shot of our amazing Imkahena Hottentot's Bokkie...we are so pleased to have bred such a lively, strong and outgoing girl. A daughter of Nyangani Couga, with his wonderful African heritage, and our Ch YJ Imakana Kianga, Bokkie puts forth a new generation of RR based on fine old Glenaholm and Pronkberg pedigrees. The future is sure to be exciting with Bokkie around...look out for us in the show ring!



Well done Bruno! Back in the show ring again..with our new addition to the pack, Imkahena Hottentot's Bokkie. Her first show in Marseille, Puppy Class, and Very Promising:) Bokkie loved it all, presented herself wonderfully, and we can't wait to see what the future will hold for this girl!


We have some very sad news...our beloved Multich. Amini Sion Mawasili has joined his best friend Ye Japha Dakiny, on the Rainbow Bridge. We miss him so much, and are so thankful to have had the joy of learning from this exceptional Ridgeback man...RIP my best friend...


We are very proud to announce a wonderful litter coming, between our Multich. Imkahena Der Chancellor, and Vizara Nyambi. Vizara Nyambi is a lovely sweet girl, with a highly interesting pedigree combining old African lines with the fantastic Vizara bloodlines...our Chance carries fine old African bloodlines through his father, Multich. Shangani Pansa Dafina, and his mother, our Ch.Ye Japha Imakana Kianga. This will be a litter to watch...if you are interested please contact us for more information. We expect pups around the 12 th of December.


The Imkahena French Kiss Litter, with Nyangani Couga as sire, and our Vivi as dam, has turned out to be absolutely fantastic. Check out the homepage of Couga and his son, Imkahena Hanouk, for some great pics of other brothers and sisters as well. www.loewenhund.de