We wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope you can enjoy some good time with your family and dogs :-)))


Very good news from Italy: Imkahena Dayimani won on Saturday and Sunday the Best Junior title (both sexes combined) in Varese (I) under 2 different judges. We are all very proud of her and Annkatrin. Mama Vivi (Imakana Kianga) is also very proud of her daughter's successes in the showring.


Our Rainbow Bridge page has unfortunately been activated. 


We received Sion's Israel Championship Certificate and thank you to all that made this important title possible !!!!!

Sion has just won the title, Israel Champion!!! Not only that, but he took the CACIB, GCAC (for the Grand Champion Israel), and the BOB!! And the 1. Best of Group at the international show in Afala ! We are very proud of this special Champion title !


Soon, we will let you know who the sire of our next litter will be!! You might be able to guess:)) 

In German, one says, "klein, aber fein"..which means small but very beautiful...this really describes the litter of Victoria Falls Chima Lee, and Sion, born in Matobo Hills Kennels. Time has flown by, and the pups are off to their new homes...a sad but exciting time. We wish all of the new families, pups, and Alexandra and Andreas the best of luck for the future!!! and we hope to see some of this litter in the ring:)) I wonder how Alex got her Six Pack to stay still for this great picture????

The "Six Pack"!!!

A big congratulations to Todd and D'Kalu in Spain. They won their first show in Barcelona last weekend, and were the Junior Best of Breed! With a little practice...who knows??

Some more good news from Pamplona (Spain) this weekend, at the CACIB show there. Sion won the Ch Class, to get the CACIB, and was the BOB , Vivi won the Open class and got the CACS, CACIB and was Best Bitch.

Then,Sion went on to get Best of Group 6!!! Congrats to Bruno and his team!

We will be announcing the sire for Vivi's next litter:)) Details will come soon, if you are interested let us know!

Some new pics in our offspring section:))) and a picture of "Goa der Hase" in "Friends"

Wow! We couldn't have asked for a better kick-off to the show season! We set off for the big show in  Luxembourg, just mainly looking forward to seeing friends, looking at some good Ridgebacks, and enjoying ourselves. And we did---but in a much different way! Sion won the Champion class, against some formidable competition, including his great looking brother Ajani, and then went on to beat his niece, the daughter of Ajani and Ye Japha Diketi, Ye Japha Mackenna, for the BOB!!! At the end of the day he was Luxembourg Champion, and almost all of the Ridgebacks, that were placed or won their classes, were relatives in one way or another! It was a show to remember! The next day in Macon, Sion won the CACIB and the BOB, and went on to win the BOG Group 6...again all of the Ridgebacks who won or were placed were either related or very good friends:) We were especially proud of Imkahena Dayimani, who was placed 4. in Luxembourg in a very big class, and won her class in Macon! Great stuff for our little girl and Annekatrin! and our Imkahena Dakiwe was 2., and Martine did a FABULOUS job of showing him! We were so proud! Thanks to all our friends, for enjoying those times with us...that is what it is all about!

Sion looks on in amazement...after winning Group 6...at a flying Bruno!

(Thanks to Martine and Bruno for the pic)



 The heat of the Rhone Delta...as our friend Rens likes to say...and that is what we have been enjoying...and have taken a small break during August to enjoy our dogs and life! In the mean time, our lovely friends and puppy families have sent us lots of great pictures and stories for you all to enjoy, so soon I will be posting them in the "Offspring" and "Friends" columns. The big news, is that the expected litter of Sion and Victoria Falls Chima Lee has finally arrived. Alexandra and Andreas got a "sixpack" of Ridgebacks!! It is a lovely litter, strong babies with great weights, and Chima Lee is a great mama. Have a look at their very well done website, www.Matobohills.de and don't miss the Puppycam!

Congratulations to Anne and Geert of Chitonga! Chitonga Gelby Ghali won the Intermediate class in Mechelen! Well done. Ghali is a daugher of Vizara Jodi Jinga and Sion. We have some great pictures of Ghali's litter brothers, Giusto and Guapo to be posted in our "Offspring" section. My special thanks to Ellen, for the great snaps of her boy Guapo.

Ghali winning her class, with an ever vigilant Geert:) Love that girl!




Some nice new updates in "Offspring":))

Aww...look at Chima Lee of Matobo Hills getting comfy in her whelping box...can't wait to see those pups!

It is now confirmed... Chima Lee of Matobo Hills in Germany is expecting Puppies from Sion. The litter is expected towards the end of August :-)

A few new pictures posted in the Offspring section...enjoy!

Today (July 5th 09) in Pierrelatte, France, Sion finished 1st in Champion Class, got the BOB and finished 2nd of Group 6 among all other hunting dogs. Vivi, in her return to the show ring, finished 1st in the Open Class and got the CACS... Imkahena Dakiwe got a "Very Promising" in the puppy class making his mother Vvi and his family (Martine & Bruno) very proud of him.

We have posted some new puppy pictures in our Offspring section, sent to us by their families...thanks to you all, and keep them coming:)) My beloved D'Mazula will be getting his own blog soon, to tell the story of a special RR...


Wedding bells were ringing last week...here in Provence, with Victoria Falls Chima Lee and our Sion. Alexandra and Andreas made the long trek down from Germany, where they have their "Matobo Hills" Rhodesian Ridgeback Kennel.. So now we will watch and wait, and cross our paws and fingers that Chima Lee will have a big healthy litter! We had a lot of fun with Alex and Andreas, and more than one bottle of champagne was emptied....Have a look at their lovely site for more information about their beautiful bitches, and the litter!! Many thanks to Alexandra for the lovely pictures.


Victoria Falls Chima Lee is a lovely feminine bitch, who knows what she wants!


Chima Lee and Sion enjoying each other's company...

whispering sweet nothings into her ear...


and relaxing, after it is all over...



It was quite a busy Imkahena weekend. Bruno, Sion and I travelled to Viterbo, Italy to visit Carlotta, Gianni and Shona and her babies. A great time was had by all, except Sion, who was slightly put out by having to put up with his offspring:) lots of pictures coming. In France, Imkahena Dayimani was "Very Promising" at the CACIB show in Lyon, where her brother Shangani Shoka won the BOB and finished off his Int CH title! Imkahena Dakiwe was also in Lyon with a "Very Promising" too. Meanwhile in Germany, Imkahena Damu Aziz was busy with Anja at his first show in Muenster, also getting a 1. "Very Promising" in the Puppy class! Phew! we can hardly keep up!!


Babies!! Our next litter is planned for the end of 2009...we are planning another very special "African" pairing...more details to come! Interested? Let us know!


A living legend...Shangani Pansa Dafina...the sire of our litter with Imakana Kianga, won the BOB at the RR Specialty Club Show in Ireland...the next day he was Reserve Best Male and Veteran Eurochamp...at the age of 10!! Our congrats to this exceptional pair, Wolfgang Blumberg and Shangani Pansa Dafina.



Today (May 9th 2009) in Toulouse (Southwest of France), Dakiny won CACS, CACIB (Best Bitch), Best of Breed and finished 3.Best of Group... Sion got CACIB in the Champion Class (Best Dog)... A few new Cups, Ribbons and a foldable chair from the main sponsor of the show were added to our collection :-)

The stork visited Carlotta and Gianni in Italy! Shona (Roka Gaia al Andulus) is the proud mother of 10 beautiful puppies, our Sion is the happy papa. See their website for more information, and pictures, www.rhodesianridgebackshona.com !


Check out the new pictures in our section "Offspring"....

News from Monaco... Kiny placed second and got the RCACM, Sion placed fourth, all in the Open Class... 

Some very good news from Italy...Roka Gaia al Andalus, better known to her friends as "Shona" is waiting for her puppies to be born any day now...we will keep you posted, but go to www.rhodesianridgebackshona.com for more information.

Some new pictures from our puppy families in "Offspring"...thanks to our wonderful puppy families for keeping us up to date! We love to get these pictures...it is so much fun to see our pups developing. So please have a look!

Chancellor is telling Sion a secret, I wonder what it could be??


More good news!....in Montlucon, France, at the RR Special,  we won both CACS, for Sion to finish his French Champion title ! and for Dakiny, who now will be working to finish her French title. Absolutely sensational ! Congratulations to Sion, Kiny, and Bruno ! 

The results are in!! Our Sion was the "Top Ridgeback", in France for 2008 according to the French Magazine Vos Chiens! The scores were published in the February/March issue. Points are accumulated for each dog show win in French Shows (national as well as international) and Sion was the clear winner! Congrats to Bruno and Sion!!

On this last day of February, Dakiny won CACS and CACIB (Best Bitch) and Sion won the RCACIB in the Champion Class in Valence, France. Congratulation to the winners :-) 

A Sunday afternoon in the Provence...

Some running and jumping...

Spending a few minutes snoring on the sofa...


Or laying in front of the fireplace



Damu playing with his best friend :-)


Imkahena Dhakar, concentrating on something very interesting... only he can see it...


Imkahena Dayimani enjoying some sun on her last visit to Provence :-)


Some pics from February 2009...


Ears can also be used to run faster... :-) 



A good start in 2009 in the show ring..... Sion gets CACIB, Best of Breed and finishes Best of Group in Montpellier, France. Kiny gets CACS and CACIB and ran against Sion for the BOB.

Some pictures of the last few days...



Brr..it sure is cold here...Imkahena Damu Aziz (blacky!)..in Germany with Michael and Anja..and his non Ridgeback sister Mia! 


Damu and Mia both busy with those teeth..

Damu tries to fly...

This fine boy Imkahena Dakiwe Dumali (orange boy!) belongs to Martine and Bruno and is living the good life in France..with his Uncle Shangani Akwanza..playing together too!



Bodyguard Uncle Amir, with his sidekick, Imkahena Dakar-Dhoruba (green boy!)..courtesy of Uwe and Jinaan in Germany...

A side view of their lovely boy Dakar..


January 4th 2009:

Please find a few pictures of the Puppies in their new families... Some more will be added as we get and format them. Thank you to all families for the nice pictures of the first few days at their new homes...


Imkahena Delhia of Akiliridge (Female living in Quebec, Canada)


Imkahena Duma Dayimani (Female living in Germany)


Imkahena D'Ix (Female living in Luxemburg)



Imkahena Duduma a.k.a. "Murphy" (Male living in Morton, Illinois, U.S.A.) - Picture taken right off a transatlantic flight and a long wait at Customs...



Imkahena Damu Aziz (Male living in Germany)



Imkahena Dakiwe Dumali (Male living in France)


Imkahena Dhakar Dhoruba (male living in Gemany) sharing a bed with Amir (or is it the other way around?)



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