Imkahena Damu Aziz in 2 pictures taken in January 2009 and in November 2009... 


Mandela, son of Shona and Sion has been doing very well at his first shows. Here he has some time off, in Slovenia...just look at that beautiful face!


Martine and Dakiwe are training very hard. Look at those two concentrating! Go for it!!

Back at home, and feeling good after learning so much!!!





Imkahena Damu is wearing a very sporty hat, to beat the heat...but next time you get in pool, wait for Mia to put the water in, Damu! (he is looking lots like his papa, Shangani Pansa:))




L to cool off the right way, with her big RR friend! Gotta love that girl!

Mona is now five months old, and a very athletic young lady. Here she is with her proud owner, Wolfgang. Who looks happier??





And not to be outdone, Ellen sent me these great shots of Chitonga Guapo! Georgeous boy! 




Chitonga Giusto, with his beautiful head and expression.



Robin and Murphy concentrating on getting it just right at a show..


Damu Aziz just can't get enough love!  Damu and Mia sharing moments just for them...

And sleeping together in the basket..golly!! Love that boy...


Gorgeous Girl! Imkahena Dayimani...She so reminds me of her Mama Vivi, and Grandmother Glenaholm Jolly Jinx!




Little Mona in some quiet moments..as you can see she has a very hard life with Ilse and Wolfgang! What an adoreable face...


Dhakar, who lives with Jinaan, Uwe and Amir in northern Germany looking very intense for the camera...

and standing...on his way to becoming a very impressive Ridgebackman!



Mazula, now better known as "ZuZu" is enjoying his family, and especially loving the kiddies!


ZuZu with Sam...having a ball on the beach...


and with his best friend, Casey...smelling the buttercups!

In his own garden...a stately young Ridgebackman!


Mona, daughter of Shona and Sion, now lives in Germany with her lovely family. Wolfgang, her new owner says she is just like all girls, and likes to admire herself in the mirror!!

And of course, like any good Ridgeback, Mona also likes to help with the gardening...



Who's that serious looking boy?? Why, it is "little" Imkahena Damu Aziz!! Thanks to Anja for the nice snap!



Chitonga Gelby Ghali, with Geert winning 2. at the Belgian Club Show on June 1st! 



Dakiwe, who lives with Bruno and Martine here in France went to his first show today. He got a "Very Promising" and was the 2. best pup from 20! Congrats to his happy owners:)

Dakiwe enjoying his trophies!


Dayimani also had her first show in Strasbourg, where she got a "Very Promising"! Annekatrin has her attention in the ring:)


Little Dayimani , who lives in Germany was in France for a visit...looking very much like her mama:) 


Some News from Murphy (near Chicago, USA) on the left of the picture, pleaying with Tonks... Approaching his 6 months of age, like some of his brothers and sisters, he is getting ready for this first show... we wish him and Robin a lot of fun :-)))

Lovely little Panda, who lives in Luxembourg with her big brother Akil, Martine and Thommy...

Panda enjoying the sofa!


D'Kalu, in Spain with Chris and Todd...enjoying his first snow in the Pyrenees!


Dakiwe, with Martine and Bruno...is a country lad, who knows all about horses!

Dayimani, living with Annekatrin and Christian in snowy Germany...

and having strange encounters with swans...what could she be thinking??

Dhakar, who lives with Uwe and Jinaan in Germany is also a country boy, with his own horses! He's posing pretty good!

and...lovely Ghali, daugher of Vizara Jodi Jinga and Sion...who resides with Anne and Geert...in a rare sunny moment in Belgium!


Look at the face on this boy...does he look familiar?? It is none other than Chitonga Greco, out of the litter of Vizara Jodi Jinga and Sion. I think I'm in love!!



Shangani Umvutcha, son of Shangani Ranzi and Sion, has developed into a stately Ridgeback gentleman. Armin and Andrea are untiring in their training, both in the field and with obedience work. The result is a well mannered, (but still enthusiastic) happy Ridgeback. 


Chitonga Gelby Ghali presides over her well earned trophies...by winning the Best Puppy in Belgium! By the looks of it, Ghali is a real show girl! Just like her mom and dad...

Hello, my name is Chitonga Gelby Ghali.. My father is Int.-Ch. Amini-Sion-Mawasili and I am living with my Mom Vizara Jodi Jinga in Belgium... I was born on November 14th 2007.

Chitonga Gelby Ghali is growing...under the watchful eyes of her mama...


Hey girlfriend....you are looking good!!


So much to learn and see...are those squirrels up that tree???


Jodi Jinga giving the girls a class on how to do the "Ridgeback Run"...


and more training in self defense...


But, when you are tired after a long day...your family is still the best....


especially when you have a big brother !!!























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