Rhodesian Ridgeback pictures

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We hope you enjoy this small insight into our "Ridgeback World"..

Catching the rays...a girl needs to look good!!

Sion and Louise combine their brain power in a contemplative moment...


Of course we are NOT advertising for Ridgi-Pad!


Vivi does the impossible and squeezes herself into Louise's bed...


Sion doing....

the WAVE!!



Mike and Ines take a break from the photo shoot....

Which way did that rabbit go??

This must be.....

Love!! Watch out Ines, Kiny is coming.....

Did you ever have an itch you just couldn't scratch??

Kiny is on the look out for Sion??


Ines and Vivi in schmooze mode...


Vivi taking a break on the settee...


Meanwhile, the Russell fraction chills at the pool


Balancing act


Ridgeback idea of fun



Our Calendar Girl Vivi


Kiny gets tough with Sion


and he gets a beating from Vivi too...

After a day of being bossed around by his girls, Sion relaxes at the pool


Summer is back... but this water is still cold...



Kiny has a "mini-me" (Sion has the blue collar, end of 2005)


Are you sure this water isn't too cold?


Ain't love grand?


I hate Christmas!


Our friends at Ridgi-Pad have a very stressy life


I believe I can fly!


If you work hard enough, you can squeeze yourself in anywhere, and be comfy!


Fighting lessons for Vivi


Ridgeback Yin and Yang in their Ridgi-Pad


We just need to get our sealegs, then we're off


First one to make it to the lighthouse gets to hassle the keeper!


Did you see that  fish that just got away??


Time to take a breather..


Just the three of us guys hanging out under the trees


Ridgeback training: and one-two-three, one-two-three,















Aren't I cute??












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