Happy New Year, from all of us at Imkahena!! May you be healthy, wealthy and wise in 2011!!




We had some problems with the editing of our web site... and we are planning a migration to another platform to make things more stable in the future... Sorry for the delay in publishing news, it is coming in a few minutes unless we have another crash... (the guest book is not working properly, it will be fixed after we migrate the page...)

So many great things have happened since we were last able to post...we have lots of great pictures of our Imkahena family members, which we never get tired of! Thanks to you all:))

We love this picture of Imkahena Der Chancellor and our Mama Vivi...Chance is now two years old, and he really is looks his mother:))

This gorgeous litter belongs to Sion and Shona:)) now four weeks old and really beginning to charm:)) Sometimes they look like Mama Shona, sometimes like Papa Sion...but all are sooo beautiful:))

How could you not love this little face???

Who could this be??? It is the daughter of Sion and Vivi...who lives with Mireyo in Italy!

and sister F'Bibi in Holland with Rik and Syl...gorgeous!!!

and F'Lulu, the snow princess:)) who lives with Emilie in NL...

and her half sister, from Sion and Shona's first litter:)) Mona!

We will be doing a last litter with our wonderful Imakana Kianga (Vivi)...as the last litter, we have chose a very special sire. We are planning to use Glenaholm Sucha Bold Move (aka Charlie) as the sire:)) Charlie is a stunning, strong African boy, with the finest of pedigrees who lives in the USA. This litter will carry the finest of Glenaholm lines, and is highly interesting for show and breeding....We can't wait and will keep you posted!





Happy Halloween...from all of us here. Imkahena Duduma, aka Murhpy is ready in his Killer Bee costume:)) We loves it!!! We are not sure he does though..Thanks Robin!



Happy Birthday to our wonderful 2008 litter, Imakana Kianga - Pansa Dafina...TWO years old today:))) Love you all.



Just got the official news from Shona in Italy..she and Sion will be having their 2. litter together in a few weeks time!!! The first litter gave us beautiful RR, with great expressive heads, excellent confirmation, these offspring have done very well in the ring. Shona is a daughter of Glenaholm Judge, from the legendary JJ lines...Sion carries JJ in Glenaholm Jolly Jinx...so it is no surprise that these offspring are gorgeous, with superb temperament. If you are interested in one of these very special pups, please contact me. Shona's website..www.rrshona.com Shona and Carlotta also speaks perfect English:))

Roka Gaia al Andalus, aka Shona



Good news for our Ch.Imkahena Der Chancellor...he was 1.Ex and CACIB in Perpignan this weekend:)), and Flamelily was 1.Ex, and Junior BOB! 


and in Poiters, Imkahena Dakiwe was RCACIB, RCACS!! Way to go Martine!

Dakiwe serious boy...    and...                 in his own words, I AM not a BABY!!! 



So, this weekend our Imkahena families were quite busy...Fibi of Lionsriver was 2.Exc. in Dortmund with Michael:)), sister Fiona was 1.Very Promising in Italy...and Imani was 2.Exc.RCACIB in Lausanne!!! Great job everyone!!!

Some late news, but fantastic just the same. Matobo Hills A'Makena Liu Pili (daughter of Chima Lee and Sion) was Best Junior at the Italian Club Show ! We are very happy for Alex and Andy! great job:)) Here Alexandra and Liu Pili, clutching their RR wine:)))


I am absolutely loving these pictures of some of our Sion - Vivi litter:)) This was a very fun bunch,, and you can see it here also in some of these pics..of Fanyanga, "blowin' in the wind", Fatu, comfort loving:)), F'Bibi the streaker:)) and Lulu, the "Party Girl". We never get tired of getting these pics!



A nice head shot of F'Bibi...and Max, in a rare moment of quiet:))


A little Ridgeback game, with Zola and Flamelily...Zola is very much her father's daughter:))) as she reminds us so much of Papa Sion...though you can also see Mama Shona coming through too. Zola and Lily are great friends..Zola is always dressed in the latest fashion:)) here with her luxurious Zebra collar...alas, our Lily is just a country lass, who likes to get down and dirty...

and even more dirty:)))

But these two girls share one thing besides their pedigree...they LOVE to play!!!! On your mark ladies..ready..


And GO!!!! Only flying is more fun:)))


And sometimes things get a little wild!!!!


Who do we have here? Zola's litter sister, Makeba the princess, who lives in Croatia...and who is just about to finish her Croatian Ch title:))) lovely girl!!


Two brothers..together...sons of Vizara Jodi Jinga and Sion, Chitonga Gangwe and Chitonga Guapo...loving these two boys!!!! Thanks Florence and Ellen! So proud!



A late summer day in Burgundy...with good friends, and lovely F'Lulu, daughter of Sion and Vivi...it was a wonderful day:)) Great to see Emilie, Robbert and her parents again and enjoy being so well taken care of by them! What Sion did, Lulu copied...very amusing to see:)) We are very proud of how Emilie and Lulu are a real team now!


Some of the Vivi and Sion litter...being quiet:)) Lulu likes to hang out on the sun loungers, just like her Mama:)) But look at her sister Chili, (purple spots) in Italy with Mireyo...and Azania, also in Italy with Carlotta is often found chilling on the settees outside:)) Certainly being trendy like her sisters, Fibi of Lionsriver (green girl) chooses leather chairs...


Some of the boys prefer to remain firmly on the ground, though....nothing girly for them:)))

Fungai (orange boy) in NL, Fatu (blue boy) in Germany, and Xion (yellow boy) in NL, and far far away in USA...Max:)))




A lovely day out in Avignon CAC...Flamelily was Best Junior, and 1. Best of Group! Lovely Imkahena Fanyanga, with Xavier was Best Puppy and got a trip to the Ring of Honour :)) and Sion and Shona daughter, Zola, with Vikki and Paul won the Intermediate class, and was Confirmed! A wonderful day with lovely people...tired dogs and tired people at the end:))


Some very nice news about our offspring...and lots of congratulations in order. Little Chima Lee and Sion daughter Amakena Liu Pili got her first title--Junior Champion Croatia!! Wonderful job to Alex and Andy (www.matobohills.de). Not to be outdone, Makeba, Sion and Shona daughter, got THREE CACS at the same show in Croatia....Christina must be very proud. Imkahena Dakiwe was RCACIB in Pampelona..and..his official hip, elbow and shoulder score are back...ALL perfect!! www.zawadi-nzuri.com 

Our blue boy, Imkahena Fatu in a very nice head shot. Thanks Mirjam for the great picture..

We had a relaxing visit with Emilie and her familie in France...to see Lulu! She is growing up to be a beautiful girl, reminding me very much of her Mama Vivi. Emilie and Lulu are a real team now, just great to see. Like her mama, Lulu likes to hang out on the lounge chairs:))


It was a long hot summer here in the south...we took the time to recover after all the tears and joy of our last litter, and the addition of a new Imkahena pack member, Flamelily Suikerbos. In additon to our technical problems, recently solved by a fantastic webmaster:)) we were suffering from heat induced inertia!! However, our wonderful puppy families have sent us so many great pics that we decided to post them here in our News section this time. Please do enjoy, because regardless of whether show dog or not, we are SO proud of all of our offspring! We think you are all something really special:))

Happy Birthday to our Big Papa's Boy, Multich. Amini Sion Mawasili! Six years ago you were soooo small....driving us crazy with your peepsing, crazy antics (who can forget when you dragged the marble table around the garden??) chewing....and NEVER sleeping. You didn't want to miss anything...and we wouldn't want to miss you. You are our guardian, friend, winning show dog, and joyful playmate..love you to bits Sion! As he was then..with his brother. Sion is the one with his mouth full of ear:)))


Matobo Hills Ayo Kosi, son of IntCH Victoria Falls Chima Lee and MultiCh Sion....is becoming a stately Ridgebackman! Love that boy! Amakena Liu Pili, who is part of the Matobo Hills Girls, shines like burnished copper:)) in this pic. Alexandra and Andy of Matobo Hills have an absolutely delightful website, go to www.Matobohills.de for more really interesting pictures and blogs. 




"Max" our beautiful American boy...he is sooo gorgeous:)))



Little Fanyanga in France..with her "big sister":)) it really is Puppy love! and sailors ahoy, she's on a boat!!!!


I call these two our "Italian sisters":))  Imkahena Azania and Chili..just hangin' out...being...sisters:)) Thanks Mireyo!!!


and these are our "Dutch" brothers:)) Xion and Fungai...Xion is wearing a collar!


This sweet little girl is the daughter of our Chancellor, and Roodedraai Khanga...www.mooi-river.de...she now lives in Italy in a five star home:))) I think she looks full of mischief!!



A very big congratulations to Annekatrin and new Luxembourg champion  Imkahena Dayimani..Annekatrin decided to do it right..and got two of the prestigious Lux champion titles in one day:)) with Shangani Bekua-Shoka too! and we now have our 3. Champ from the litter! Have a look at her website, www.bekua-shoka.de for more:))


It was a busy weekend for the Imkahena family. Imkahena Fibi of Lionsriver (daughter of Sion and Vivi) also went to Luxembourg, and was Best Puppy!! Thanks to Michael and Susanne for that:)) Fibi's brother Fungai was at the Club Show in NL...and got a VeryPromising 3. place--the first time out for Fungai and handler/owner Cees!! We are so proud of you all:))

Fibi, our mountain girl and Best Puppy Luxembourg!!!


Big news!! We are so happy that Imkahena Duduma, (Murphy to his friends:) has finished his AKC Champion Title! And Robin, who had to learn the ropes in the show ring, earned every point of it herself. We always believed in these two, and knew they would make it!! So a very big round of champagne for everyone, and a loud WELL DONE ROBIN and MURPHY!!!! and of course the winner's picture:))



The girls...just chillin' out with us at the pool!

Flamelily at 7 months..60cm and 28kg!

Imkahena Der Chancellor has just finished his first Champion title !! Montenegro Champion...and Sion is bringing home another title as well...also Montenegro Champion!! Go for it boys ! Imagine travelling over 4000 km, in a roaring Landrover Defender, with two RR in tow...car packed to the roof...for 6 solid days of shows...so beginning in Montenegro, both boys were able to complete their Ch titles there...now for the four day shows in Split, on the Dalmation coast! 

Congrats to the boys:))


Lots of great new Litter 2010 pics coming soon:))

So, some of Sion's offspring have been very busy: Chitonga Gelby Ghali (Sion x Vizara Jodi Jinga) won two shows this spring / summer, for CACS and CACIBS...she has become a beautiful, souvereign Ridgeback lady. Makeba Shona Girl, (Sion x Shona) became ENCI Promising Young Champion Italy, San Marino Champion, and Junior Croatian Champion! Matobohills A'makena Liu Pili, (Sion x Victoria Falls Chima Lee) was Junior Saarbrucken Winner...she too is a beautiful RR teenager:)) And for the boys...we all know that Murphy and Robin are burning up the shows in the US:)) and we think Murphy will soon be Champion...Imkahena Dakiwe (www.zawadi-nzuri.com) is well on his way to finishing his Int Ch title...he just won CACIB, CACS, BOB and 2. Group 6 in Spain!!!!!

Congratulations to all of you, we are very, very proud of you all!!

and...Matobohills Abuya Dayo ( Sion x Chima Lee ) now has his very own webpage...www.ekundu-zera.de don't forget to pay him a visit!!!

Matobohills Abuya Dayo in the city:))

And she's on a roll, our little Flamelily:)) At the Championnat de France, she was Best Puppy, and was one of five Best Puppies in Show!! She is so well behaved, it is a real joy to show her!

In her first show, our yougest pack member, Ye Japha Flamelilly Suikerbos got a "Very Promising" in the Puppy Class, the judge even asked her to run in the BOB (Best of Breed) round as she behaved so well :-) We are very happy that Zola Shonal Girl (Daughter of our Sion and Shona of Italy) won the Best Young RR and placed second in Group 6 Young. What a nice day in Pierrelatte, France.

Our Imkahena Der Chancellor is father of 12 lovely puppies (6 males, 6 females) with Shani (please have a look at www.mooi-river.de for some pictures and news. Grandmother Vivi is very proud too :-) If you are interested in this great litter, then please get in contact with us. these will be lovely strong RR, with great temperaments and beautiful faces!

Congratulations to Imkahena "Murphy" and Robin, in the USA, for going Best Male twice in one weekend...and adding more points towards his Champion title..he is now more than halfway there! Way to go both of you! we are incredibly proud!!

Murphy's Winner Pic...he is SOOO nice:))


Time passes so quickly..it seems just yesterday, that our Chancellor was just a pup...but..some big news..Chancellor mated with his first bitch...and none less than a South African import bitch...from the famous Rooderai Kennel..Khanga Roodedraai, known as Shani to her friends:) is a lovely, strong girl with an absolutely wonderful character. A lovely girl all around! We could have hoped for no better start to Chancellor's stud career:) So, keep posted, at www.mooi-river.de for news.


We had the visit of Imkahena Dakiwe (with Martine and Bruno) and Lilly enjoyed some playing...


Imkahena Dayimani won her class yesterday in Colmar...for the RCACIB and RCAC..congrats!

Unfortunately we have a new addition to our Rainbow Bridge...

And Annekatrin and Dayimani did it again..in Monaco this time!! At the big spring show there, Imani got the CACS!!! That's our girl:))

You can now find all the puppy pictures under our Litter 2010 page!

We are very happy to share with you that Imkahena  Duduma a.k.a. Murphy led by Robin won BOW (Best of Winners) at a show in  Iowa (USA). From what we read in a Facebook entry, Best of Winner's means that Murphy was the best dog of that breed in that show that was not already a champion... Congratulations to this great team.


14 --- this is the number of puppies Vivi gave to the RR world on March 30th. There are 8 females and 6 males. Here are the first pictures (sorry if the quality is not too good, the photographer is also tired)... Vivi is exhausted after working more than 30 hours to bring this nice litter to us. We are also very tired from assisting her and taking care of the rest of the pack... more pictures will be published in the coming days. Thank you Vivi and Sion.


Day 58 Vivi...in her box and outside...



Imkahena has a new face in the family....Ye Japha Flamelily Suikerbos of Imkahena is now part of the pack! She is a true African girl, daughter of Ye Japha Diketi and Shangani Dundubala Weltevreden. Stay tuned for more news on this girl!



Some very good news out of Luxembourg on March 28th 2010, from the International Show . Imkahena Dayimani won the Intermediate Class, to get the CACS and the RCACIB ! Wonderful ! and Matobo Hills Ayawo Sion, son of Victoria Falls Chima Lee and our Sion, won the Puppy Class ! Congrats to all of you ! We are very proud ! (Picture of Imkahena Dayimani is from Bourg en Bresse a few weeks ago where she got CACS and CACIB).


Well, well. Look at what Imkahena Duduma (aka Murphy:) has been up to with his owner Robin, in the USA...He was the Winner Dog in Wisconsin, winning more points for his title !!! We think he is absolutely gorgeous:)) Go Murphy! Go Robin:)


Pictures taken during our Puppy Family Visiting week:)) Thanks to all of our lovely families who took the time and effort to meet us! We are happy with all of you:))


And a great time was had by all:)) Sion and Chance, in Gerona, Spain today for the International Show...Sion was Best Male and BOB, CACIB, and 3rd in Group 6 and Chancellor was RCACIB and CACS !! Good job !


Friday March 19, Vivi tries her whelping box... It now occupies our main kitchen and will remain there until all puppies leave... She recognised it and was very happy to lay down in it for a short nap... She likes the new floor :-)

And some lovely puppy families have been visiting too.. We love to meet our potential pup families..Vivi is really looking like a mama now, and is getting slow, and is hungry all the time. If it ever stops snowing, we will do some pics of Mama Vivi...

On Saturday, we had a lovely visit from Imkahena Dakiwe and Shangani Akwanza, with Martine and Bruno. And it must have been a good visit for Dakiwe, because on Sunday he was BOB, and 3. Best in Group!!! Go Babou..and here a lovely pic of the winners Martine and Dakiwe:)) Have a look at their website


Der Chancellor was at his first "real" show, a RR Special in Bourg en Bresse...still a bit rough around the edges:)) but he was Excellent, and had a wonderful protocol from the Judge, M. R.Favre ! Sion won it all...and the BOB...hard to be a little brother sometimes!



We are officially expecting a litter..from Vivi and Sion..the ultrasound showed lots of puppies, so we will cross our fingers and see what Mother Nature gives us!


Phew, what a marvellous weekend! I hardly know where to begin...first on Saturday, Imkahena Dakiwe Dumali won the CACS and BOB at a national show in Bourges!! AND he is now also a confirmed stud dog:)) We are very proud of Martine and Bruno for doing such a great job with "Babou". Check out their website..www.zawadi-n'zuri.com for pictures and details..Then, on Sunday, we had a Ridgeback Special Show in Bourg en Bresse...where Sion got the CACIB, Best Male and the BOB!!! Chancellor had his first major show, and was a bit impressed by it all, but still got an Excellent. And the best for last, Imkahena Dayimani (www.bekua-shoka.de), in her first outing in the Intermediate Class, swept the CACS, CACIB and Best Bitch away from all the seasoned competitors...in the end she and Sion had to run for the BOB, which made us very proud!  


In the meantime, Matobo Hills Andy and Alexandra had their hands full at a national show in Recklinghausen, Germany. Mama Chima Lee had a 2.Excellent, to be beaten by her own mate, Shangani Doya Vizuri, 1. Excellent and Best Bitch...shown by Andy !!!! Wild !!! and little Matobo Hills Amakena Liu Pili, daughter of Chima Lee and Sion, was 1. Excellent AND 2. Best Puppy in Show !!!


New pictures coming soon, from a hilarious photo session with a professional photographer, Chancellor and Dayimani:))



Imkahena is proud to announce that we have a new stud dog...Imkahena Der Chancellor...one of the last sons of legendary Shangani Pansa Dafina and Ye Japha Imakana Kianga, one of the last daughters of the fabulous Glenaholm Jolly Jinx, hips, elbows and shoulders clear...has been officially entered in the French Stud Book:))) His pedigree represents some of the finest old African bloodlines....and we are very proud of our boy!

Chancellor won his first CACS in Niort (F) last week!!!


Matobo Hills Aruba Tembani and his sister A'Makena Liu Pili...gorgeous!!! They are the offspring of Victoria Falls Chima Lee and Sion...thanks Alexandra for the great pics! We are very proud of this litter! (Just between us, don't you think Liu Pili has "the look"???)




Finally!! We can announce that two of our very favourite RR have been mated...MultiCH Amini Sion Mawasili and Int CH Ye Japha Imakana Kianga (Vivi) will hopefully be expecting a litter in early April. This litter will strongly follow fine Glenaholm bloodlines... we expect strong RR with very beautiful expressive heads, strong in character. We will soon be posting puppy pedigrees and more information...if you are interested in this special litter, please let us know.

 Int.Champion Ye Japha Imakana Kianga and MultiChampion Amini Sion Mawasili



My favorite boy Imkahena Dakiwe Dumali now has his own website! 

Have a look at www.zawad-nazuri.com! Well done Martine and Bruno!




 Imkahena Dayimani..looking very much like her mama Vivi..


Matobo Hills A'Makena Liu Pili, daughter of Victoria Falls Chima Lee and Sion, seems to be taking her "job" with Alexandra a bit too seriously:)))


Her sister Aziza with a fuzzy snow face! lovely girls!! We are so proud of them!



We had a very nice day in Montpellier (F) on January 23rd where Sion won the Champion class and the CACIB (Best male) and Chancellor was 1.Excellent in his Junior Class. Thank you very much again to Christian and Annekatrin for the fantastic buffet for Paula's Birthday :-)


We are brimming over with good news this week. After what seems like an eternity, our Vivi (Ye Japha Imakana Kianga) has finally come into heat. So keep tuned for an announcement of our stud dog for her ! (Vivi has white paint on her ear in this picture, as she ignored the "fresh paint" sign on the terrace doors:))


It's official !! Multich.Vizara Mbiti is having puppies from our MultiCH. Amini Sion Mawasili !! We are very excited about this litter, as it will carry strong lines of both Vizara and Shangani Pansa Dafina. Puppies are expected around the 19th of February, for more information  and a peek at the pups pedigree, have a look at Mbiti's webpage, www.mangulu.com

MultiCH. Vizara Mbiti



Coming Soon!! Our new page, with Imkahena offspring Stud Dogs. First will be Imkahena D'Kalu..one of the last sons of the legendary Shangani Pansa, and our Ye Japha Imakana Kianga...one of the last daughters of the unforgettable Glenaholm Jolly Jinx. Kalu lives with his owners, Todd Stein and Chris in near Barcelona. More details coming soon!



The son of Victoria Falls Chima Lee, and Sion...Matobo Hills Ayo Kosi....love that face!! Ayo Kosi now lives in Luxembourg with his lucky family:))


Congratulations to Chitonga Gangwe, son of Vizara Jodi Jinga, and Sion, for taking the CAC, CACIB and BOB at the show in Hoogstraten!!! Well done to all of you!! are we proud:))))


For the third year running Chitonga Ghali has her picture in the dog magazine, Hondeleven. Anne took this picture herself! 


At the beginning of this new year, we are taking stock of things, looking back, in order to contemplate what this decade will bring. We have been very lucky to have such wonderful Ridgebacks, fantastic families who have our offspring, and lots of really good friends with whom we enjoy our successes and sorrows. We are very proud of each and every one of our dogs, Sion's many children, Vivi's pups, especially those, not in the show ring, but who are real stars everyday, because they love their families. We will cross our fingers that in this new decade, we will continue to enjoy and share all these things with the people and dogs we love! and that we will all be healthy too!

Ridgeback love.....taken by Anne Grammet

2007-11 Imkahena